OH3 icloud binding

Hello everybody,
today i started with OH3.
Fresh install, java, openhab, influxdb everything fine.
after that, i wanted to install the icloud binding.
1., add thing, set up the icloud account. Fine, status:online
2., add thing, set up the device. Fine, status:online:
3., model-create equipement from thing. i added 2 “items”, battery, and location. After some minutes the persistence is visible for the battery level. Fine no question
4. the problem is with the location:
-if i checking the item state for the location, the coordinates are visible.
-if i make a sitemap, the map with the marker is visible, so the item is OK.
-if i make a new page:
“Pages” – “Create Map view” and add the same item, as for the sitemap, the marker is not visible.
i can set a fixed position, i can set the icons, everything is working, only the item driven position not.
Do you have a proposal?


come on guys!
does the binding work for everybody?

It does not update the data for me :frowning:

thanks Andreas,
in that case i think we have an issue…(or we are making the same mistake)

Dear community, what is the next step? should i create an issue in git?
Most probably we have got a bug here.

For me, everything works fine, only non-owner ringing-tone makes problems sind 3 Month.

I ust looked the API-Documents from Apple. They had version Date of 2020-10-06 could be the point binding stopped working for ringing tones.

Don’t know the earlier version, but for ringing tone (Start_Sound) in the API there is a special Command for non owners (0x300) now different from owners Command (0x200).

So maybe the thing configuration needs a flag if owner device or not and a different usage of apples API

The rest is still fine, until family members allow the account configured in Bridge to see the position.

with 3.01 its working, without any modification!

Does ringing tone (find my iPhone) works to if bridge is not the owner? Please check. Because I still have problems if bridge is on fathers iPhone and device for ringing is daughter for example

sorry i have got actually not the possibility to test