OH3: import HabPanel from another (OH2) server instance

How can I export/import my HabPanel configuration from another server instance (which is on OH2).
I copied the file




I also cleaned cache and restarted OH3 on the new server.
But the config does not appear under the panel settings in HabPanel (only local storage is availabe).

Sorry, the HABPanel storage backend had to be changed, and is not compatible.
You can go the panel settings on the OH2 instance, click on “Edit the local panel configuration (experts only)” under “Local storage”. Then copy the code or export it with the button. Go to the same screen on your OH3 instance, and paste or import.
Then on the previous screen, save it under a new name with “Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration”.
Repeat for each configuration you want to migrate.


thx. worked

Yes you can! With the habpanel.config you can restore your oh2 habpanel. You need to get it into correct json format / be aware of the escaped html inside the json. I had to do some regex replacement

  • ([^\])\" → \1"
  • \\\" → \"
  • \t →
  • = → =
  • \ →
  • \n →
    And you need to ignore the root json element node ( it just contains your descriptive name). With this json snippet in memory just paste into “local panel configuration” mentioned by @ysc