OH3 Insteon Hub IP address change broke bindings

I recently changed my home network subnet from the generic 192.168.1.X to 192.168.101.X. In the process I expected to have to update the address to the hub. When I did the status of all of my insteon things went back to “online”. Unfortunately every time I tried to use any of those things I got the warning: [WARN ] [ding.insteon.internal.InsteonBinding] - unable to find binding config for channel insteon:device:XXXXX. Doing some troubleshooting I found that if I went into each thing and clicked on the “parent bridge” hit done, and save that thing began working again. Seems like something didn’t automatically update across off of the things with the overall network changed. Work around was a little tedious, but I thought I’d post the issue and resolution to the community here.