[OH3] issue with Widgets texts!


with the help of this great community i am starting to build pages that will also be used on tablets and iPhones. I use e.g. standard oh-label-cells to build and was wondering if the font can be customized to be responsive in size once used on an iPhone or tablet. As you can see with the standard use the labels and content are moving out of the widget, not getting re-sized to fit the screen.
How can i make the content of the widget responsive, so change size once the widget shrinks e.g. on an iPhone? see example last caller widget phone number…


anyone an idea here?

anyone who is interested, i gfound a workaround here.
In the oh-label-cell you can configure the font size of the item state shown:

                      fontSize: 20px

That has helped me to reduce the size of the items state showing in the cell.

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