OH3: Item has multiple points but only shows a single "hasPoint"

I test OH3 and found a question.
Please ignore the scenario itself, this is for testing and understanding.

I have an item “TreppenlichtEGOGWebinterface” that has 3 direct members:

in the model, it looks like this:

the item itself looks liket his:

I would like to understand the

because, it actually has 3 points. each point knows that:

but it only shows one point.

is it a bug or a technical limitation or am I missunderstanding?

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I have a related question (So, confirming that an items wit several points has only one “hasPoint”).

The items with several points are using the last one as “hasPoint”. I would like to understand how it works and if I can pick another point as “hasPoint”.

For my Fibaro Wall Plugs for example, I would like to pick the “Electric meter Watts” point, so the value is displayed for the Item. Something the last point of my Wall Plugs is the “Alarm” or the “Reset the total power consumption” point. In such a case, ‘NULL’ is displayed as value for the item…

No, it’s not.
The Item “ZwaveNode006Chaos” is of type Group.
Group Item status is calculated from some aggregation of all member Items.
(This mechanism long pre-dates the semantic model)
So, you might have a Group of Switches say, and assign an aggregation function OR so that if any member Switches were on, the Group state would also be ON.

Your Group has no apparent function - although I think the hidden default is an EQUAL function across all members. Not sure that can return any meaningful result though, while the Group Item has no sub-type (Switch, Number, String etc.)

There is currently no way to designate a single member for the Group to ‘follow’, or anything like that. You cannot even simulate that behaviour with a rule and updating Group state … because the Group state is calculated from members etc. and not directly updateable,

None of that matters much though; if you want to make a GUI widget that shows the Group Item with the state of some other Item, you can.