OH3 Json string to long

Hi Community,

Running OH3.1 on Ubuntu 20.4 Server.
Have some JSON string’s which i transform with the JSONPATH transformation service and works fine.
But have one JSON string that I can’t transform because there is a prefix “OPENHAB” in front of the actual JSON schema, also don’t know if it is closed correctly!
I thing this is because of the length of the returned JSON…


If i analyze this with a JSON viewer I get 7505 lines?

I’m not in the possibility to shorten the reply…
Somebody else experience with this issue and how to handle this?

I’ve never experienced anything like this but if it’s not valid JSON you can’t use the JSONPATH transform. You may be able to make something work with REGEX. If not you might be able to use the JavaScript transformation to modify the String so it’s valid before trying to parse it.

Hi Rich,

You where right.:+1: It wasn’t the length of the Json string…
I was put on the wrong leg, looking in Visual studio code the tooltip when you hover over the item shows the prefix ‘openhab’. don’t know why…If i read the item via de REST API everything was correct…
After you reply i was sure the problem was on my side :blush: