OH3 + LAN + Iphone

Hi Guys,

I upgraded from OH2.5 yesterday to OH3.
All went smooth expect for my remote control via Iphone.
I can reach my previous sitemap (was using BasicUI) over 3G/4G but over Wifi it will not find my sitemap.
Tested on Iphone and on Samsung.
The Openhab Portal is perfectly reachable via computer, on the same lan but wired.
It was fully functional before the upgrade.

What did i do wrong, and what parameter should i check ?

After a recent iOS update (can’t remember which one) my iPhone started asking me anytime I requested an address on internal network.

It may be that there is a setting somewhere on the phone to allow access to the local network, which in my case might be “ask” but for you “disallowed”.

Sorry it’s not a proper solution but might be somewhere to start looking.