OH3 linking items from thing channels


I have a problem linking items from thing channels.
I have add the openweathermap binding without problem (is online)
I open one of the OWM things, go to channels and try to link the items i wanted.
No problems to link the different items. But when i go to the items tab an look for the items i just linked, i only see the latest one. All the others a not visible. Going back to the OWM thing, channels i see that the items are still linked, but all with the same latest link values i made.

Rebooted, cleaned cache, without success.
I used the latest OH3 3.0 stable version on a raspberry.

Any idea what i did wrong or how to fix this problem.


It is not at all clear what you are describing to me. Maybe some screen shots showing what you are doing would be helpful. Do these Items you are crating links to already exist or are you creating them when you create the Link?

If the Items are not visible in the Items settings page, then the Items don’t exist. It is possible for something to go wrong and the Links can become orphaned.

You should be able to navigate from the Channel to the Link and then from the Link to the Item. If you can do that then the Item does exist in which case perhaps there is something off with the way you ae searching for the Item.

Hi rIkoshak,
This is what i do in detail:
Starting form a Open Weather Map local weather and forecast thing without ANY linked items.Check that the thing is online.OK.

Click on the OWM thing and open the channel tab

Then i clicked on one of the channels to link to an item called hour03 forecast temperature

Add the link to item

click on link and i see that the item is linked and i have a value

Then did the same with a second link (hour06 forecast temperature)

and i see the second linked item and the value


I then clicked on the items tab in the left column and search for hour.
I should see the two new linked items

But i only see the last add linked item !!!

Going back to the things tab, this is what i see

Hours03 has disappeared and i only see 2 times hour06 !!!
The Hours03 item has suddenly changed to hour06

Tried with other items to link and i always got the same result. Only the last linked item is kept, all the others are not found.

I used this method for the +/- 200 first items and it was successful.

Then i had a big problem with the Semantic Model after editing a lot of items see:
OH3 issue “model” page endless loading [SOLVED] OH3 Issue - "Model" Page endless loading - Maximum call stack size exceeded in app.js - #24 by Gufti

Since then i cannot add new linked items… coincidence??

I have the impression that some thing/model/item file got corrupt and is pointing to the wrong field(s) in the files.
Is there a script to check the consistency or clean the thing/model/item files?

Or is it another problem? I see nothing in the logs.

Hope this long description can help you solve my problem.
Thanks for your help.


How are these Items created?

First of all, the model is not separate from your Items. All the model does is add some additional meaning to your Items through Group membership and Item Tags. The model is not a separate thing.

If there were a problem with the Things or Items JSONDB files you wouldn’t see anything and there would be errors in openhab.log when openHAB starts up.

I installed the OWM binding, the went to the channel tab and tried to link the items.
Seems OH systematically only keep the last linked item and override the ones before with the last link.
I think i have some corruption in the item file. Like the link pointer is not pointing at the right item if i can compare it to a corrupt database file.

Thanks for your help.


If the DB were corrupt then OH would complain about it and there would be no Items or Links or Things (depending on which file is corrupted).

The best I can offer right now is to create the Thing and link an Item to a Channel. Save and check in the JSONDB files that the Thing exists in the Things file, the Link exists in the Links file and the Item exists in the Items file. Then link another Item and look to see if both Items and Links exist or if the old one was replaced in the JSONDB.

A backup of the JSONDB files is created on every change so it’s possible to go back. But only five files are saved by default.

Thanks for the info.
But instead of further building on a system with problems, who i do not trust anymore, i prefer to start from scratch on good foundation.
So I put another sd card with a copy of my working 2.5 image version and made the upgrade to 3.0.
Now I can add new bindings and items without any problems.
Model is working fine.
Ok, i will take me some time to reconfigure everything, but I hope I will have a good working system.

Thanks for helping me and keep improving OH3.
I like the new version and cannot wait for new bindings, widgets and other new features.