[OH3] Main UI - main_widget - Part 6 - The Security Card [3.3.0;3.4.9)

One last question hmerk
I just notice that when my string item changes from DISARMED to ARMED_HOME the color doesn’t change something wrong with this (knowing that the DISARM icon reflect just fine the state)

iconColor: '=(items.Alarm_State.state) == "ARMED_HOME"  ? "red" : "grey"'

As for the rule it’s pretty much in a working state but ugly and probably people are going to :joy: but maybe I posted for others soon that have the same interest.
I apreciate the time you gave for answering me.

color typo ? (gray not grey)

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Your joking :grinning: wow and I was banging my head like what did I do wrong what comma i am missing now

Huge thanks