[OH3] Main UI - main_widget - Part 6 - The Security Card [3.3.0;3.4.9)

One last question hmerk
I just notice that when my string item changes from DISARMED to ARMED_HOME the color doesn’t change something wrong with this (knowing that the DISARM icon reflect just fine the state)

iconColor: '=(items.Alarm_State.state) == "ARMED_HOME"  ? "red" : "grey"'

As for the rule it’s pretty much in a working state but ugly and probably people are going to :joy: but maybe I posted for others soon that have the same interest.
I apreciate the time you gave for answering me.

color typo ? (gray not grey)

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Your joking :grinning: wow and I was banging my head like what did I do wrong what comma i am missing now

Huge thanks

On OH 4, I have been unsuccessful making this widget work with the Paradox alarm system.

Im a bit confused with the documentation above in your first post.
It is not clear all the groups/tags that should be created, as i am still new to openhab, so im still figuring things out.

I created an item group called “securityGroup” via items and gave it Type ‘Group’.
I created an item called “securityMode” via items and gave it Type ‘String’.

Im not sure what else needs to be created? gDoorsOpen, gWindowsOpen, motionDetected as well? what do these 3 have to do securityGroup?
Should they be linked? If you can specify what needs to go where.

Im using the PAI addon from ParadoxAlarmInterface github.
So my sensors that are picked up by mqtt are all of Type ‘Switch’ - so not sure if i can make it work with this widget?

As for the Alarm Stay, Away and Disarm, its also not picking those up in the widget.

Thanks in advance

First of all, you are using the wrong widgets.
The openHAB 4 versions are published as semanticHomeMenu widgets.
Please try again with the correct version and come back in the semanticHomeMenu discussion topic.
Furthermore, you will need some rules to sync your „real“ alarm system with the widget.