OH3 MainUI - Top sidebar pages only available for admins?

While mainly, the new MainUI is working great and provides really handy stuff, I’m struggling with the pages I created. At the top of the sidebar, they are only visible if I’m logged int as admin user, which actually is my only user I have.

not logged in:

logged in as admin:

So, is there a way to make these pages available to everbody without login?
Also, if there is always a user required, how to create a standard user?

I really like to use the pages designed in MainUI as a replacement for HABPanel.
Thanks for any hint!

Did you check the visibility settings of that page?
You have to set it to visible to users and administrators and switch on visibility.

In your page, unselect all :

If you unselect all (user and admin) everybody not connected can see the page.
If not, the page will be only visible to the selected role

Thank you gents!
I didn’t recognize the ‘Visible only to’ correctly.
Now, everything works as I would like to have it.