OH3 mappings multistate on IOS Browsers not working

Hello to all and a happy new Year.

Yesterday set up ah new OH3 Instance.

Everthing works like expected.

But one Thing is not working.
As I made it in OH2 if programmed a Switch with multistate with a mapping in the Sitemap.
But now i figured out that is is not working on any Browser in IOS.

Switch item=Station1Ladestrom mappings=[0="6A", 1="10A", 2="16A"]
Number Station1Ladestrom "Ladestromvorwahl" <ampere>
You cant switch die Multistate Switch in any Way.
Anyone who can confirm this?


Ubuntu Server 20
Openhab3 from APT

I noticed this too - and opened an issue: [OH3.1 #2112]: Mappings in sitemap not correctly interpreted in basic UI · Issue #2066 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub
It’s not limited to iOS - it’s the same e.g. when using Chrome under Windows.

I was wrong; the switch works the way it should (I’m on build #1225). I was just using a wrong item name and therefore there showed up some kind of “default-switch”