OH3 modbus does not round correctly

Connected the SDM230 device, configured it, the values seem to be correct.
The problem is that the values are displayed as “230,000000000” (many characters after the point), the use of line formatting does not help (results in an unsigned integer value after the point “230”)

Number SDM230_Voltage “Напряжение сети [%.3f]” (gEnergy, gVoltage) [“Measurement”]
String SDM230_Voltage “Напряжение сети [%.3f]” (gEnergy, gVoltage) [“Measurement”]

Tell me how to bring to mind 230,000

Displayed where?

That should generally work

That will never work - you cannot format any string with %.3f

If you have been making edits to Item files including Item type changes. you may need to reboot to straighten things out.

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