OH3 model to app

I’m using OH2 for a long time via a site map, but started today to set up OH3.
I’ve set up the bindings, things and items.
Then I’ve set up the model and I can call it from the overview page.

On the other hand I don’t find how to call this from the app…
How should I do this or do I need to set up this differently?

Already thanks!

My understanding is the app can only display sitemaps.
to access the OH3 MainUI I use a browser… Safari on iOS or Chrome on Windows PC

check the burger menue: here you can switch to openHAB 3 UI (or others)

On iOS, you need the beta (Testfligh) app for MainUI support…


i managed to set up a sitemap. This sitemap is accessible via BasicUI and works on my laptop.
But when i connect on the app, i don’t see much happinging, only the first frame.

already thanks!