OH3 Netatmo Thermostat config issue

Hi All,

I use config files to configure the things. For the weather station, I had no issues doing the configurations, however, when I try to configure the relay/plug my Openhab goes bonkers. I have the below configuration for the thing.

Bridge netatmo:netatmoapi:home “Netatmo API” [ clientId=“xx”, clientSecret=“xx”, username = “xx”, password = “xx”, readStation=true, readThermostat=true] {
// Thing configuration:
Thing NAMain inside “Netatmo Inside” [ id=“xx” ]
Thing NAModule1 outside “Netatmo Outside” [ id=“xx”, parentId=“xx” ]
//Thing NAPlug plugtherm [ id=“xx”, [refreshInterval=60000] ]
Thing NATherm1 thermostat [ id=“yy”, parentId=“xx” ]

When I delete the comment for the plug my other things for the Netatmo just disappear from the list of things.

I have no idea how should I fix this.

Anyone else encountered this issue?

Thank you

Since the site did not let me post 2 pics at the same time here I go.


Thank you!

Are you sure the ‘refreshInterval’ parameter needs ‘[’ and ‘]’ in his definition ?

Thanks, that was it. I was using the template provided on the Binding’s wiki page, but now it is kinda obvious.

Now I guess I need to figure out why does the thermostat says “Pending parent object initialization”. lol