OH3 Network Binding finding some but not all

Ive seen similar posts for v2.5 but none for 3 nor noe that have helped so asking incase theres fresh info.

Ive insalled the network binding and it is working great for discovered devices but it conistently is not finding some of my devices.

I have installed arpping and can arpping missing IPs with and without the path and tried configuring the network binding with and without the path

If I manually add the missing IPs, they show as online things but when I link channels to items, their state remain null.

My OH2.5 instance discovers the IPs that OH3 is not.

Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible they have been discovered, added as things, removed as things but not it still thinks they are on the system and not showing them in the inbox?

That’s ordinary enough. When the Thing is online, it means the pathway to ping a device is accessible. It doesn’t mean the target device is responding, that’s what the channels are for. It’s a network Thing, not a device Thing, don’t get distracted by this.

NULL perhaps? Means the channel is not updating them. Perhaps we should know a little more about what you link to where.

Thanks for the reply
These devices are pingdevices wich have only 3 channels and I am linking the online (switch) which ends up as OFF eventually and LastSeen (datetime) which remains null.

If I add a discovered IP from the inbox, and link the same two channels to items they appear as ON and Last seen is populated as expected.