OH3 new gui - Is there a way to access binding config when running oh3 in Eclipse

When running oh3 in Eclipse the add-ons section is missing in the UI


when running regular build I can see the addons section and can edit the binding config.
Note, also tried to directly edit the userdata/config/bindingname.config file, but that did not work :frowning:

any suggestions?


I think you can with this direct URL: http://:8080/#!/settings/addons/binding/kodi/config
(replace kodi with your binding name)

However it’s true that it’s not accessible for “sideloaded” bindings or those outside the distribution, this should be addressed :thinking:

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I could confirmed this when starting from the Eclipse IDE. Could it be that the setup wizard creates a standard user and not an admin?

I used a fresh install of both
a) Eclipse IDE creating a user admin, the additional settings are not available

b) OH3 Runtime running on macOS -> shows the additional settings

I check that the created user has admin rights

users.json is looking the same: user admin, scope admin, role administraror

  "admin": {
    "class": "org.openhab.core.auth.ManagedUser",
    "value": {
      "name": "admin",
      "passwordHash": "TWKgSSMqbQ4x6VH8/OLQnWCrmAoNsUK4fm6SfdyJ8+kZsPkwNK4H7Y0VGkJNzN8ytC3nOyfxe9asqJv+XD7eIA\u003d\u003d",
      "passwordSalt": "aPEFVdi0pP9Oi8U/TQ5FWnmYXBaTMB4COOB6nA5ki7ek9nlEhDiC3q1rQnaGmT6FrqgTfceK3j9EU/LSFavN3w\u003d\u003d",
      "roles": [
      "sessions": [
          "sessionId": "xxx",
          "refreshToken": "xxx",
          "createdTime": "Oct 3, 2020, 2:13:03 PM",
          "lastRefreshTime": "Oct 3, 2020, 2:13:03 PM",
          "clientId": "",
          "redirectUri": "",
          "scope": "admin",
          "sessionCookie": true
      "apiTokens": []

Both installations show the same except the tokens

Is there another file to check?

Thanks, that seems to work indeed