OH3 no longer syncs devices with myopenhab


I have an issue synchronizing / notifying the existance of devices on my OH3 instance to myopenhab for roughly 2-3 weeks now. I will start at the beginning.


  1. I installed openhab v3.0.1 on a raspberry pi earlier this year. I am running around 10 light devices of various vendors (Philips, Osram, Lidl). The Zigbee gateway is a Dresden Elektronik Deconz USB device.
  2. I am using Google Assistant for voice commands.
  3. Some devices are Hue bindings others are Deconz bindings.
  4. Everything worked fine.


  1. I added a Philips Hue LightStrip to the setup. This device was not showing up in Google Assistant.
  2. Manual control via OpenHab Android App for all devices including the new one was and is still working.
  3. Resetted the Assistant connection to myopenhab (removal & added it again).
  4. All the devices are no longer available with Google Assistant.
  5. Checked myopenhab. No devices are listed.
  6. Deinstalled openhab cloud and reinstalled it.
  7. Checked the UUID and password (no changes), re-configured those in myopenhab.
  8. Remote access via home.myopenhab.org works just fine.
  9. Upgraded openhab (docker image) from v3.0.1 to v3.1.0
  10. Removed & added the OAUTH connection between myopenhab and Google Assistant several times (just to be sure … maybe the Devices listing in myopenhab is not working properly).
  11. Played with the “Items to Expose” feature. Didn’t change anything and was never supposed to.
  12. At some point I changed the myopenhab Url to the one specified in the documentation (https://myopenhab.org:443). My original was not using HTTPS I believe.

Do you have any idea how to proceed from here?

Did you set up your items in the UI or with text files? If the latter, please show one of your item definitions.

I’m guessing it’s this.

Hey rpwong,

I created the objects using the openhab v3.0.1 web interface (Settings → Things → Inbox → Add as Thing). And then added those Things to my Model.

I can share the Item definitions if you explain further on how to do this best. Provide a screenshot? However the linked issue references the documentation (Google Assistant | openHAB) which states that I need to add Metadata information for each of my Items?

If so, then yes this might solve my issue as my Items do not have any Metadata configured.

If you haven’t added metadata to your items, then your devices will not show up in Google Assistant.