OH3: number of lights turned on (badge)

I’m still trying to understand the OH3 model and automatic representation of things.
With that I still did not fully understand the real difference between an equipment and a property.
So might be that I’m missing some basics. Compared my system with the demo already.

But to my specific “problem”:
In a “location” I have several light switches. Some are points under an equipment (e.g. a wall plug also measuring power) and some are properties (items w/o equipment).
So as (some sort of) expected the former show up under equipment in the location tab and the others under properties. (Seems that is the way it is while I don’t find it useful to have switches under properties.)
But what I do not understand at all is why the light switches under properties count for displaying the number of lights shown on the badge while the light switches under equipment are not counted.
What is the difference?

Here is the part of the model:

I suspect it’s likely a bug in the UI code. You should file an issue. Now that you’ve mentioned it I noticed that none of my lights are showing up as badges in any of my locations. But I also do not have any lights that are not a part of an equipment.

A property is a single Item that has a Point tag and an optional Property tag defined. They represent a single control or sensor reading.

An Equipment is a Group Item that has an Equipment tag. An Equipment has as members one or more Point Items or Equipment Groups that represent all the controls and sensor readings that make up the device represented by the Equipment.

Personally, for consistency sake, I never have a “naked” Point Item. All my Point Items are a member of an Equipment.

Interestingly on other locations where I only have an equipment and no properties at all it works as well and the badge shows up. I cannot tell yet which detail exactly triggers the issue.

That’s actually “by design”.
See Item - Equipment or Point - #7 by ysc (and 2 posts above).
If you have properties directly under the location, they will be considered exclusively, so that you can exclude certain points from being considered. If you have no candidates at the room level, the ones under equipment groups will be considered. What you could do is take the Wohnzimmer Tischlampe 1/2 (Switch/Light points) and them to the location group too as explained in Item - Equipment or Point - #5 by ysc.

Are your light items Semantic Class set to Control or Switch? I believe if they are set as Point they won’t count towards the badges. I’m not sure if that is actually documented anywhere though or even if it is intended. I just happened to notice it earlier today.