OH3 Offset Profile Help


I am trying to apply a positive 2 degree offset to my Hue Temperature sensors. Im using OH3 and it doesnt seem to work. ive tried both including the °C and not but still doesnt seem to work.

Number:Temperature DriveTemperature “Drive Temperature [%.1f °C]” (gTemperature) {channel=“hue:0302:0017887c4f93:50:temperature” [profile=“offset”, offset=“2 °C”]}

Can anyone point out where I am going wrong? It the first time ive used offset or profiles.



If you are using OH3 then why don’t you do the offset profile via the GUI?
Go to the item then go to channel links click on the channel link and you will see a page like this:

I haven’t used offsets but I know it is an option.
I have used the GUI as much as possible since coming from OH2.5.

Thanks Greg but I really wanted to use text files for items/channel links I have so many…

I tried it via the UI (created a new channel) and the offset worked. But its not via text files… Have looked in the GUI at the channels ive created and they all seem ok, showing offset profile etc, but just doesnt seem to get applied.

Has me beat…


I think your syntax is wrong it should be like this

Number:Temperature  	Lounge_Hue_Temp 		"Temperature [%.1f °C]" 	<temperature>						{ channel="hue:0302:00178829a0c5:43:temperature" [profile="offset", offset="10"] }

This came from: [SOLVED] Rule to apply an offset to get an accurate temp reading - #2 by vzorglub

Did you get it to work?
What was the problem?

This is an old thread, but today I had a similar problem with configuring an offset profile in an item file.

It turned out, that the configured profile had no effect when the file was reloaded by openHAB (latest release version). After restarting openHAB it worked as expected.

I am not sure, if this is to be expected or if it is a bug, but maybe it helps someone.