[OH3] oh-clock-card text color

Has anyone an idea on how to change the text color of the oh-clock-card widget?

Background can be changed, but the text color stays black obviously, which is sometimes not desired.

I tried to add the corresponding CSS argument (color: rgba(255,255,255) to the YAML code, but without effect.

I have the same question. Any solutions? I added timeFontColor,but no effects.

I do have the same question. Can someone help?

simply, digit: red, green, ecc

Thanks, any keyword for the background available?

Try with name colore
Green, Yellow, Red, blu ecc

In an oh-clock widget the style parameter pass the css attributes directly to the block holding the time text so

- component: oh-clock
      color: green

Will get you green text for the time. However, in an oh-clock-card the style parameter is passed to the card and, due to all the layers of built-in formatting for the card, many attributes won’t trickle down to the actual time text. In this case you’ll have to use more direct css via the stylesheet property:

- component: oh-clock-card
    stylesheet: |
      .col > div {
        color: blue


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Perfect, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!