[OH3/openhabian] harcoded? hostname for frontail?

On a relative fresh installation of openhabian with OH3 (as of Jan’03) I got the (side-)dashbord with an obviously hardcoded Hostname for frontail (openhabiandevice.local). The Hostname for BasicUI canged correctly to the custom Hostname.
Using the opendhabian-config Menu 21 and refreshing the display of MainUI solved this in parts, the .local part is remaining!

Looking into …/services/runtime.cfg I found the corresponding entry, however it seems that it is working after a restart now WITH the .local part (don’t know what it should do).

fresh, hmm ?
Wonder what a salad in my fridge would look like after 18 yrs

What’s your point about .local ? If you think this is a bug, open an issue please but mind it is designed to work on as many systems as possible e.g. those with DNS resolvers/DHCP servers that can as well as those that cannot resolve *.local.
IIRC dashboard was recently changed to be the IP address for that reason.

Sorry for the typo, I tried to say Jan the third.

My point? I had a non-functional frontail from the dashboard ( pointing to openhabiandevice.local:8080 although I changed the hostname.
Using the menu option 21, the changed hostname was used however the .local remained in the link AND because it didn’t work using this link I came to the FALSE impression this .local would be the cause.
After a restart of the openhab service and the then needed restart of the frontail service (is this intended?) it worked with this .local part.

In short I proved myself WRONG, I’m sorry for the noise.
Thanks for your work on openhabian!