[OH3] Overview/Location and semantic model

Hi all I’m struggling trying to understand how semantic model could be configured in order to populate the location tab.

I successfully populate the temperature and the humidity…but how can I populate info regarding open windows or other kind of info like Battery level or What is the speaker reproducing?

Which other information can I show in the location page?

From the documentation picture I saw example with lot of info displayed.


Have you seen and read Semantic Model | openHAB?

If so and are still confused have you seen and read A Deep Dive into the Semantic Model?

tl;dr: Everything in openHAB revolves around Items. The semantic model is defined using Items. A Location is a Group Item with a location tag applied. Equipment and Points are added to a Location by making it a member of that Group. The same things goes for Equipment and Points. These are Items that have Equipment or Point tags applied to them.

Thank @rlkoshak,
Yes I read the Semantic Model but not the second one.
I will take have a look thanks!

What it’s not clear to me reading the document is which Semantic Class and Property (and the correct Item) assign building my model in order to correctly populate the Overview/Locations page badge. I found this document that clarify the item configurations:

This discussion combined with the one Semantic model document explain something more.
Is there a document that describe the meaning of each Semantic information and how the system use it?


Frankly, the meaning is what you give it. The system uses it to build the Overview pages and, if you install it, to help HABot understand what you are asking it to do when you use natural language queries (e.g. “Turn off the lights in the kitchen.”).

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the model is more than it really is. All it is is a way to organize you Items based on where they are located in your home and what devices they belong to.

Thank @rlkoshak
Yes it’s more clear now. I completed some and is something more clear to me now. Your sentence “Don’t make the mistake of thinking the model is more than it really is.” was illuminating.

The only things I have to better understand how other elements (for example the badge in the location page) are using the semantic model.

Thanks Again!


i had also the problem to understand the relationship between model, items, badges, maybe this helps to understand how it works: