[OH3] Pages background color

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Is it possible, to change the pages background color?

I don’t want to switch my OS GUI to a dark mode to achieve this, but just have a configured for single pages.

You can do that in the Code tab within your page settings via CSS, like:

  label: "YOURPAGE"
  sidebar: true
    background: linear-gradient(to top left,#151924 0%,#393F4D 100%)

This procedure does work perfectly fine on any additonal page I create, but I am failing on the default “overview” page. How can I set the background color of this page? The only way I have found so far is to adopt the overall openhab theme to “dark” but if possible I would like to avoid that.

Correct, this seems to have no effect on the default page. Not sure why though.

i believe it is not possible to change the default overview page. You can make any of your page your overview page and url link directly to it as a workaround. The default overview page cannot be deleted though.

Many thanks guys, will do it the way Jan suggested (was thinking about that too before, but still had some hope that there is also an easy solution for the default overview page)

How is this done?

just create your own page and use this URL as your stating point in your browser.

like: http://192.168.178.xx:80xx/#!/page/whateverpage

Ok, that’s what you meant. Thank you!