OH3 Pages - Knob group and group page with knobs and switches?

Upgraded to v.3 a few weeks ago and currently trying to get my brain around the new UI concepts but I really need a pointer in the right direction.

Specifically I need a pointer/solution for this case. I have a group of lights, a few on/off lights, a few dimmers and a couple of IKEA tradfri dimmers. (Zwave on/off and Zwave dimmers, fibaro + IKEA)
All items and bindings are working fine but what I’d like is a page with a widget with a knob-card that can control the entire group (the lights are grouped into a
gKitchenLights) but also when clicking or double clicking open a new dialog with all the individual lights, individually controllable as knobs or switched as appropriate based on item type.

I’ve tried all sorts of things and read the existing documentation but there is obviously something that escapes me.
Any help that can get me closer to the solution is greatly appreciated.


This is solved. Solution to my problem was basically to create widget instead.