OH3 Pages Overview empty - Code cannot be saved

openHAB version: 3
openhabian: 3.0.1

Hi all,
I did a lot of research but could not find the solution to my problem. Maybe I did not got the point or have not find the right post.

I feel I has setup my model correctly.

If I go to settings → Pages → Overview → Code and paste the following code it does NOT save.

  label: Overview
  - component: oh-locations-tab
    config: {}
    slots: {}
  - component: oh-equipment-tab
    config: {}
    slots: {}
  - component: oh-properties-tab
    config: {}
    slots: {}

It still only shows:

  label: Overview
blocks: null
masonry: null

I am messed up and hope someone knows the solution why the pages overview does not show anything and the code cannot be saved. I am happy to share more details if needed and requested, Thank you.


Do you have any Items in the room yet?

You will find this settings, when you open " Pages → Homepage → Code". I think the “overview-page” is of fixed type and the changes you try to make are not allowed. What you can do is to add Widgets in the blocks or in masonry.

There are separate Tabs for the “Locations, Equipments and Properties”. The widgets of those Tabs are created automatically by the “Semantic Model”.

If you want to see any information on the Overview-Page, you have to create it via a widget like you do in your own pages.

Thanks for coming back. Yes, I have items included. Please see here: