[OH3] problem with multiple rule files

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: x86 HyperV VM
    • OS: Windows Server
    • Java Runtime Environment: zulu 11
    • openHAB version: 3.0.0
  • Issue of the topic:

I have severale rule files containing different kind of rules and many of them where broken after update to 3.0 - mainly because the change of time types and persistance type of contact and switched (float to int).

After I fixed this errors I noticed that in openhab.log there are logs missing. After little more debugging I found out, that I only see log entries in openhab.log from the rules file that was changed at last.

After I merged the content of two rule files in one both log entries startet to apprear in the log and seemto be executed normally. Other rules, that are still in a separate file are not executed.

For me this seems like a bug when using more than onle rule file!

Also it seems that I also get displayed the rules in the UI which are in the rules file that was changed last!

Can anyone confirm or disconfirm this behavior with OH3?

/bump - anyone else expeting this too? I am wondering what the source could be, if its only me having this problem?

Here’s an issue filed in openhab-core which seems to be related: