OH3: Ramping CPU Issue

For some reason my openhab3 container keeps increasing in cpu load over a long period.

The blue circles are reboots of the openhab container.
The red circle was when my openhab was unresponsive (sitemaps and pages work but no reponse back from items & things)

Is there a way to debug rules/items/things/… on performance ? Or analyse them ?
I tried removing rules and checking how the system response, but it is a very slow method (takes ± 18 hours to clearly see increasing cpu)

Also updated the system from 3.1.0.M5 → 3.2.0.M2
But same issue occures.

The logging looks normal, and my disk I/O also.
Is there a possibility I have a memory leak in a rule or in a thing ? How can we detect these and what are common mistakes ?

System Info:

  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B - 4 Gb - 2.4 GHz
  • Runtime: Docker Engine - Community Version 19.03.13
  • Openhab: 3.2.0.M2 (Also happened on 3.1.0.M5)

chromecast, icloud, openweathermap, dsmr, http, mqtt, telegram, miio

Persistance: InfluxDB
Custom Addons:

  • org.openhab.binding.simatic
  • org.openhab.binding.tapocontrol

I have checked the forums but it seems there is no easy solution to find a memory leak.
The only way is to start clean and then add all your items and things one-by-one.
This will take a long time if I have to wait 18 hours between every item I’m adding.

Start by adding bindings (or removing) one by one.