OH3 realtime log

Is there a web-based real-time log available in OH3?

OH2 had this and was very useful to watch what was happening, but there is no option for it in the OH3 UI and I can’t find any reference to it in the forums.

Running OH3 (release) on RPi-4.


I’m not using openhabian, but there have been so many threads in the last past days about this, i don’t believe you that you couldn’t find anything in the forums…


Search for frontail

If we’re being pedantic, note that frontail is not part of openHAB, and never was: it is a third party programme which runs separately.

It did not. openHABian had an option to install frontail which provided this.


I was unaware the log I was using in OH2 was an add-on, as it installed by default and appeared as one of the UI menu options from the main screen.

Never heard of frontail, will investiage it :slight_smile:


Go to openhabian-config (something like this) from the Linux command line and go to optional components. There you will find frontail.