OH3 Remote openHAB Binding token settings?

I just switched my installation from OH 2.5.10 to OH3 Snapshot 2028 and nearly everything works so smooth that I am really delighted. So first of all thanks to all maintainers for this great piece of software.

There are some issues left however. One is the access to remote things via the new Remote openHAB Binding. The binding is excellent and I already use it heavily to access items on remote openHAB servers. Then I noticed the option to access also remote things instead of items (which would be of great value for me). However when I add remote things I am always encountering authentication problems like this:

So I found a hint in the docs on next.openhab.org that I have to define a valid token:

Please note that if your remote server is an openHAB v3 server, you will need to define a valid token on your bridge thing to have your things correctly initialized.

I can see the input field in the bridge thing in the UI where I Could input the token:

But even after searching for nearly 2 hours by now I cannot find any information how to get the token for my remote openHAB server. Could anyone please point me in the right direction? Thank you for your help!

I would try an api token. Open the left sidebar and click on your user in the lower section. Then scroll down to api tokens

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Thank you very much, that did the trick! Now the thing shows up as online. Unfortunately it does not expose any channels but that is a different topic now…