OH3 REST API events - item changes only

When I connect to ‘http://:8080/rest/events?topics=openhab/items/vlg*’, I get all the states of items starting with vlg but the messages come at a rate of >50/s whether to state has changed or not.
Is there a way to only receive the items of which state has changed ?
The built-in API documentation is not clear on this.

These tings don’t work

  • http://:8080/rest/events?topics=openhab/items&type=ItemStateChangedEvent)
  • http://:8080/rest/events?topics=openhab/items/vlg*/ItemStateChangedEvent
  • http://:8080/rest/events?topics=openhab/items/#/ItemStateChangedEvent

Found out this URL works, putting it here for other who have the same question