[OH3] Roller shutter control with Alexa

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: AMD64/RAM 2048Mo/DISK 6Go
    • OS: Debian x64
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu11.45 - 11.0.10
    • openHAB version: 3.0.1 Release build
  • Issue of the topic:

I’ve setup a my first OpenHab install with the cloud connector and the Alexa skill.
I can control all my items without any issue except my roller shutter

I use a HTTP Binding with the RollerShutter configuration.
With my item, all the controls are working perfectly (UP/DOWN/STOP) but when i use it with Alexa, controls are reversed (UP close the roller and DOWN open it)

Is there any solution for configuring Alexa with custom commands for this item ?
Thanks for your help

Maybe this is what you are looking for:

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Oh thanks it look like my problem.
Sorry for the “dumb” question, but i don’t understand how to use the solution (i’m new to Openhab) :confused:

Where am I supposed to use this line ?

Rollershutter Blind "Blind" {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [category="INTERIOR_BLIND", friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening", supportedRange="0:100:10", unitOfMeasure="Percent", actionMappings="Close=100,Open=0,Lower=(+10),Raise=(-10)", stateMappings="Closed=100,Open=0:99"]}

I don’t use Alexa, but this should all be available to add via meta data in UI.

Go to your item, add meta data.
Amazon Alexa, Alexa Class RangeController.rangeValue and then add the values posted before.

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It works, thanks a lot for your help