OH3 Room temperature setpoint and demand button together in Main UI

I would love to be able to make a widget for room temperature control combining a setpoint and a toggle for whether heat will be demanded from the boiler or not. Does something like this exist, please?

Is this a widget written in yaml or a example?

An example so far! Cut and paste images together. Apologies, I’m still a novice.

Hi @cjw77

i am in the process of writing a similar widget in yaml. But I’m not done yet because it is a bit complicated with framework7 and yaml. when i’m done i’m happy to share it for further optimization.



That’s brilliant - thanks Nico. I’ve been reading around the community posts and docs to try and get a better understanding of cells/positioning/widgets etc but it’s definitely easier to start from a working example. When I write Yaml at the moment, I often end up with incorrect indentation, or discover that a different component would have been better to use, although at least the code window lets me see what options there are! Quite pleased yesterday to integrate the car into the dashboard (it has a famously rubbish app, and the thought that I never have to interact with that again fills me with joy)

Hi @cjw77

my first releases of a heating widget is online.
Maybe that’s a good starting point for you.

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