OH3 rule convert createTimer(now.plusSeconds(x)) in new Enviroment

like the topic sais,
how is possibile to create a timer with blocky or other script or rule in OH3 enviroment ?

thank you


I too would be interested in this. I can’t find a “blocky” piece for timers.


I had investigated on it. The only way untill now is to have the .rules file with the “old” DSL language.
No native way to do it in UI openhab3 'till now.
Would be great that staff will implement block for time based rules.

There is no"staff", there are voluntary developers who do the parts they are interested in.

My timers still work using the same format as OH2 in text based rules config files. Don’t know about UI configs, I never use them.

Example of working timer:

rule "Startup Rules"
        System started
        createTimer(now.plusSeconds(30), [|
               DO STUFF CONFINED BY TIMER HERE ......

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