OH3 ruleEngine parameter in threadpool

Hi all,
in OH2 I used to set this parameter in runtime.cfg:

In OH3 is it still a valid parameter?
What is the new syntax?
or something else?

Maybe another approach. What purpose did you have that setting for? Is that still needed or appropriate for the different OH3 rules engine?

To be honest I don’t remember why I changed it few years ago, but I remember that after changing it the unit was smoother. Probably there were cases when some rules didn’t fire.
I keep notes of the changes in the system that I have applied so that in case I need to rebuild the unit, I can rebuild the same configuration.
As I have successfullt migrated to OH3 now, this was the only last change in my configuration list that I didn’t apply yet.

Is this parameter not supported anymore?

I wouldn’t mess with it. The OH3 engine manages rule threading completely differently.

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OH 3 gives each rule its own thread to run in. There is no more thread pool (at least right now) for Rules.

The only reason to increase the threadpool size in OH 2 was because one had many long running Rules. By default there were only five threads so only five rules can run at the same time and if you had long running rules they would use up all the threads leaving none for the rest of the rules.

In OH 3 each rule gets its own thread, there is no pool.

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