OH3 - Samsung TV Binding - most thing channels don't work on 2020 QLED TV

I’ve trying to get openHAB 3.1.0 Build #2288 working with the Samsung TV Binding. The power channel seems to work most of the time, and that’s all. Putting the binding into debug mode repeatedly shows

 [DEBUG] [rnal.service.RemoteControllerService] - getSupportedChannelNames: [keyCode, volume, mute, power, channel, url, sourceApp, artMode]

and changing TV Channels or TV Input doesn’t put anything in the log or update any item linked to the TV thing

What’s the best way to get support for this current TV model added?

I’ve discovered this binding provides various degrees of functionality depending on which port is manually selected in its config, and in debug mode most of the useful messages only appear when the TV is turned ON. On my TV, port 8001 seems to be HTTP rather than HTTPS which the binding uses. Both port 8002 and port 55000 seem to accept HTTPS. Port 55000 gave me reliable power ON / OFF indications and nothing else. Port 8002 gives both power state and limited remote control through the , KeyCode channel although for selecting an input source it seems to only like KEY_TV and KEY_HDMI, and needs around 600ms between repeated KEY_HDMI commands to get to the one I need. None of the state channels work on any port. On the ios Smartthings app the selected source / app is displayed so the information is available somehow. The OH Smartthings binding doesn’t see the TV as it seems to only talk to a Smartthings hub, so I can’t get the source that way.
I’ve entered a GiT issue for this around a month ago, but there’s been no replies so I think this binding is frozen in time…

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Awesome comment, changing my TV to port 8002 got it working for me.