OH3: Saving Blockly Script to text config?

Hey everyone,
I currently use the text configs for OpenHAB because it makes is really easy to automatically back up and revision the directories of config files… way easier than the internal database, anyhow. I’d also like to give Blockly a try… Is there any way to make Blockly save it’s result as a text file rather than to the less-accessible internal database? Just checking…


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:thinking: More easy then a one liner? I don’t think so.

As for blockly scripts being saved in text files, I don’t think so as well.

Yep… more easy than a one liner. Zero lines. I use SyncThing. Better too. Regularly puts a revisioned copy to a geo-separated cluster of computers that I own in case hard-drives fail or my house burns down. :wink:

Bummer that there doesn’t seem to be a good way to save that Blockly javascript to a text config. :stuck_out_tongue: