OH3 SD Card backup kinda failed

Hey, i was using the inbuilt sd card backup function of openhab. (Running openhabian on a Pi 4)
Yesterday was the day my sd card (32G) malfunctioned and part of my system crashed. So today i took the backup SD card (64G) and inserted it in the Pi. It works flawless and everything seems up to date and no errors.

BUT: Now my 64G backup card is inserted. And i want to use my 32G normal card again, to have my 64G card again as a backup. But i am unable to copy the backup card to the normal card with menu option 54. How to solve this issue?

“In case of failure of your primary SD card, replace the broken SD card in the internal slot with your backup card from the external reader. Get another SD card that matches the size of the backup (now in internal slot) card and use menu option 54 to copy your active backup card back to the new one.”

I’d think it would have worked if you had had the most recent openHABian version when you’ve setup mirroring, but that’s speculation. Now you would need to reinstall or get a bigger card.

So for my understanding, everytime the sd card corrupts, i need to get a sd card double the size of the internal card?

So for every new backup, after a corruption, my sd card size needs to get bigger?

I set up the sd mirroring on feb. 10th. this year. With the newest OH installation available.

No, you can use a backup card as big as the orig one. Just the first two partitions should take part in mirroring.
And as I said you can reinstall (on a small SD, of course) and import your old config to “set back” size.

@mstormi is the most experienced to answer you. I believe he has spent more hours testing this for disaster recovery than he is willing to admit.

Mirroring after failure worked for you. :clap: Thanks openHABian team for saving you many hrs to reconfigure.

In my opinion this is out of scope of openHABian. It should not be implemented either.

You have a couple of options however I recommend using AMANDA as well as Mirroring.

Setup AMANDA on you current system then restore the backup on your smaller card.

You could also mount your SD on a Linux system and shrink the partitions.

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Thank you.
Am i able to auto backup to an SD card the same size the original card has? Or am i only able to raw copy manually to an SD card the same size?

There’s no difference.