OH3 sendHttpPostRequest with headers

Running OH3.0.1, I’m trying (desperately) to get an access token in order to poll my heat pump for its information. On the command line I can do it using curl (thank to the help of fellow users!). But I’m now trying to do it in a rule. I thought that using sendHttpPostRequest would be very straigt forward, but apparently not!

var token = sendHttpPostRequest("https://api.myuplink.com/oauth/token", "application/json", content, headers, 1000)
   Type mismatch: cannot convert from String to Map<String, String>; line 6, column 571, length 7

(content and heards are defined in their respective variables, obviously).
What’s the proper way to define the headers? I can’t wrap my head around it, I obviously don’t want a Map, I just want to post the required headers (-u “id:secret”)

Since the error is complaining that one of the arguments is of the wrong type, care to show how those variables are defined.

You may not want it, but sendHttpPostRequest requires the headers to be in a Map, even if you’ve only the one entry.

Yeah. Turns out that when one actually reads the example in the documentation it’s pretty clear…