OH3 set mode move at owntracks

Hey there,
it is possible per OH3 to change the mode on the “owntracks” App?
If it is possible, how can I implement it?


No, it’s not possible as far as I know.

If you happen to be on Android, Tasker can be setup to read the system logs (with root its an automatic process, without root you need to run some adb commands over USB). I have things setup so when certain regions that have been setup are enter/leave to change the settings within owntracks to either ramp it up or ramp it down.

Yes I use Android but not rooted. Can you send me instructions or an example of how I can implement it?

First here are the instructions for Tasker to read the system logs:

After Tasker can read your logs you want to setup the following:
Event - Logcat Entry
In the next screen there are 2 blank lines, using the following info will set things up:
Component - LocationProcessor
Filter - /region_name transition:exit, trigger:I (this is when I leave a region, also unsure if the final char is an uppercase i or a lowercase l) if you want to change something based on entering a region change exit to enter.

With the profile side setup to trigger when a log is seen, you need to setup a task to take an action. You need to setup an intent and provide 3 items in the intent: Action, Extra, and Target.
Owntracks also already has this part documented on their site:

Okay, thanks for that. That helps me already.
How does it look in OH3? I want to use a switch which then switches
ON = “Move” mode
OFF = “Silent” mode
Or bei rules.

I use these methods to trigger my garage door to open, I don’t have switches setup to change based on my location.

I would suggest using a String item vs a Switch item, as you would be able to provide status of Work/Home/Commuting/etc for the different values. However as this is based on regions set within owntracks you would have to pull up a map resources and measure things out to obtain that info.

What is the main goal behind what you want to accomplish?

That seems like the long way around doing this. Couldn’t one just use the AutoLocation add-on to Tasker to detect the regions? The only disadvantage is you would have to define the geofences separately from the OwnTracks geofences. But that seems like a small price to pay not to have to go through the pain of enabling the log reader using ADB, which if I recall correctly, will need to be redone every time the phone is restarted (i.e. it loses the setting on a reboot).

I have ran those commands on pixel 3a’s (non rooted) and Samsungs and never had anyone inform me owntracks isn’t triggering their rules. A factory reset on the other hand would remove it (which you are more than likely aware of, just posting for other’s sake who may not).

I also have AutoLocation and I could never get it to work correctly with ramping up the detection. However in my case I have two entry ways to reach my house, and can’t set a large detection radius as it would cross a back road that my spouse some times takes and run automations without knowing that they aren’t actually going to the house.

Using the log file and regions you care about, Tasker could then update OH Cloud to report the status; but I’m unsure if that is the outcome of the orig poster.

Thank you very much for the answers and tips.

I also want to open my garage door automatically, but only when I want to. I set a slater if I am going home now.

I didn’t want Owntracks to always be in motion mode. But thanks to the Tracker app I can trigger it now. When I activate the switch in OH, the OwnTracks motion mode should be activated.

Is it possible to read a status from a switch item in the “Tasker” in order to execute a command?

I don’t think so but I’ve not kept up with the beta Android app. It might be possible now.

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