OH3: Setpoint issues with BasicUI


I’ve been having issues with a Setpoint item in Openhab3 with BasicUI and a text based sitemap.

The current value displays correctly, but when loaded from a browser, the up and down buttons don’t do anything.

From the OH app it ‘usually’’ works.

Anyone else seeing this kind of behaviour?



I’m also seeing an issue with Setpoint for my HVAC. It is showing as a value that is graphed instead of a control that you can change. Not sure if it is me or a bug.

Your item is configured as Number:Temperature - Point. Edit and choose setpoint.

Interesting - there have been a number of reports already that an on/off switch has only been partially working from a browser, but works fine from a phone.

For example:

The first pic was how OH auto configured the item when using “Create Points from Thing” in the Semantic Model. I’ve tried all the combos I could think of in editing the Point but they still end up with same issue (well I can set it to a dimmer, switch and see the top change to those controls, but that is just wrong). Here it is with Setpoint

What happens when you change ˋDefault standalone widgetˋ for this item to something like OH stepper card?

Looks like the Daikin binding for settemp channel is still missing some tags required by OH3 to configure it automatically .

Sorry - I’m not sure how to do that?

Click Add Metadata and you should have an option „Default Standalone Widget“. Select this and you should have the options.

Thanks - got some options and could make it appear in the Semantic Map with the ability to change the SetPoint!.. but, this did not translate over to the Android App (just displays the value, you can’t change it).

I’ll raise this as a bug regarding the Daikin Plug In and refer it to this thread.