OH3: should it have its own topic branch in the forum?

I know this has been discussed before when v2 came out.
But given the clean slate and significant optical change and what is to come in v3, doesn’t it warrant an openhab3 branch in the forum?
It provides at least a separation from the olden days of doing things?!

The olden threads should be archived in a separate area with its own search perhaps?

No I don’t think so, and I don’t know of any planned changes (cc: @moderators).
It’s the optics for the most part that make the difference.
But under the hood almost everything written here in the forum remains to be valid.

There’s an openHAB3 tag you should use of course.


But quite a few users, especially new ones use the UI for things and that has changed drastically

I cannot figure out how to install HABmin in OH3 to manage Z-Wave
I cannot find the Paper UI in OH3 to create Items

It’s all in the announcement Kai made … frankly, my willingness to help people to just use BETA software without at least reading the release notes, then come back here asking for help is … limited to say the least.


I don;t know that there is a practical way to do this. do we duplicate all of the categories with an OH-3 appended to the name? We already have something like 30 categories. Will having 60 really make the forum easier to use?

Not all of the OH 2 stuff that is out there is inaccurate or not applicable to OH 3. Do we have to copy them over to the new categories?

Who is going to do all this work? There are 7.7k posts that have been made in the last year. Who is going to go adjudicate all those posts and put them in the right category?

Which is more of an issue of a lack of good docs for OH 3, because they simply don’t exist yet. I’d much rather people spend time working on docs that answer these questions than going through a massive overhaul of the forum.

If you find that there is a question you find yourself answering over and over again, create a post that answers it. When the question occurs again link to the post. If it’s something that should be part of the docs, go add it to one of the existing Wiki posts started by Yannick which are the first draft in work version of the OH 3 docs.

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