OH3 sidemap doesn't show any values

I’ve just started with OH and try to setup a sidemap to show up in the iOS App. Sidemap works, I got frames and sliders and switches, but simple text widged doesn’t show any value, even when I have linkes the item with them.

This is the code of the sidemap showing some details of my car:

sitemap Auto label="WL-ID 300E" {
    Frame label="Klima" {
        Slider icon="temperature" label="Temperatur" item=WLID300EID3_control_TargetTemperature switchEnabled="true" minValue=10 maxValue=25 step=0.5
        Switch icon="switch" label="Klimatisierung" item=WLID300EID3_control_Climater
    Frame label="Akku & Reichweite" {
        Text icon="batterylevel" label="Akku-Stand" item=WLID300EID3_charger_ChargingLevel
        Text icon="battery" label="Reichweite" item=WLID300EID3_range_TotalRange

Showing the sidemap with the Basic UI in my desktop doesn’t show any values, nor displaying it in the iOS app.

The items have values, I could see it in the backend at the Model view.

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Rasperry PI 4, 4 GB
    • OS: Openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: 11
    • openHAB version: 3.2

The items have values, I could see it in the backend at the Model view.

You need to define the formatting pattern as shown here:


Text icon="batterylevel" label="Akku-Stand [%.1f]" item=WLID300EID3_charger_ChargingLevel

should work

You need to add metadata. If you have created the items via ui it’s metadata → state description → pattern

File based config already mentioned before

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Is there any way to calculate “m” into “km” for my electric reach of the car, using this patterns?

Set the item type to number:length and just add “km” to your state description.

If you use units of measurement OH will convert automatically

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Learned a lot, thank you. Now it works with the metadata state description at the item!

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