OH3: Simple Pages Help / Widgets

  • Platform information: Openhabian
    • Hardware: pi Zero
    • openHAB version: 3.0
  • Issue of the topic: Creating a simple sitemap for displaying items and associated graphs.
    • Sitemap configuration related to the issue - Sitemap is generated from OH3 GUI.

My first question is how to delete sitemaps within the GUI. I can create a new one but have not been able to figure out how to delete them. I am editing them within OH3 itself. I can delete them from /etc/openhab/sitemaps but it doesn’t change what is in the GUI. If someone could point me in the right direction here, that would be helpful.

I have created multiple items that I would like to display in my OH3 sitemap. This is a very simple setup. I have several simple items (see below). They are all functional items linked to things. I can see these just fine under the “Overview” page.

Is their an easy way to create pages with the GUI? I read through the Beta version of the help docs for pages and was completely lost. I am looking for a simple example to display items within pages.

Below is a list of my items.

Any guidence as to how to use existing built widgets to display these or how to create something useful, would be helpful.



Click on “select” at the top right and then select the sitemap and “Remove” at the bottom.

The easiest is to organize and tag your Items in the Model. The Location, Equipment, and Properties tabs of the Overview Page will be automatically generated based on the model.

Beyond that, you can create pages by adding widgets from the model to create a page using the automatically generated widgets. You can change what widgets are used in the automatically generated pages by editing the “Default widget” metadata on individual Items.

Anything more than that is going to be much more involved than creating sitemaps. But not super hard. You can manage some mostly simple widgets just by clicking around and modifying the forms without needing to go into the YAML code.

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To start off easy, add a layout page (or use the Overview page), then:

  • Click on Add Masonry
  • Click on the big “+” placeholder.
  • Choose “List Card”
  • Click on the black “+” button on the new card
  • Choose “Add from Model…”
  • In the dialog box check all the items you want to show (the points, not the groups), click “Show non-semantic” if necessary then click “Pick X”
  • Use the black buttons beside the list items to move them up or down if you wish (you could also have altered their default order with metadata on the items)
  • Save (Ctrl-S or the link in the top navigation bar)
  • Go to Run mode (Ctrl-R or the switch in the bottom toolbar) and verify it’s what you want.
  • If not, go out of Run mode (Ctrl-R again)
  • Rince and repeat - add another card, add more items to the first, configure widgets/items or move things around
  • If you want open “Sidebar & Visibility” and switch on “Show on sidebar”. This will make the page appear on the left side. You don’t have to do that though, as you make more pages some of them will only be shown from other pages or in popups.