OH3 Sitemap List Widget - any usage hint?

The OpenHAB 3 UI, during creating sitemaps, offers a new Widget of type List. It seems like a completely new widget, because as OH2 many years user I can’t recall that it was existting before. Naturally, the Sitemaps documentation isn’t updated yet.

So, could you please give any light or hint, how to use this new widget?

Please search the forum before you post a question. There are plenty of threads around exactly this topic.

It’s not a sitemap thing - it’s part of the new MainUI pages view

Rainer, thanks for the answer. However, the sitemap editor offers a List Widget, so I may suggest that sitemaps now could have List widgets. Or it’s a bug.

Sorry it’s my fault… I didn’t read your question correct and can’t say anything about the List inside the sitemap. Sorry for the offensive sounding first line of my comment!