OH3 Sitemap not displaying the item string value

Either I am tired or I do not understand how it works, really. Since couple of days i fight with the proper display of the formatted system up time.
I created a sitemap where I want ot display the string value of the item. Both Items return a proper string

When i want to display the formatted one it is empty in sitemap and on default layout.

What do i do wrong?
this is my sitemap code:

Frame label="System Info" {
        Default icon="settings" item=Systeminfo_Storage_UsedPercent label="Storage used"
        Default icon="settings" item=Systeminfo_Storage_AvailablePercent label="Storage avialable"
        Default icon="settings" item=Systeminfo_IPAddress label="IP Address"
        Default icon="temperature" item=Systeminfo_CPUTemperature label="CPU Temperature"
        Text icon="time" label="Uptime formated" item=SystemUptimeFormated
        Default icon="time" label="Uptime" item=Systeminfo_SystemUptime

Changing text to default of the formated uptime does not solve the problem.

The sitemap code doesn’t match the sitemap screenshot. Can you provide the code which generated the screenshot?

Note that you may need to add [%s] at the end of your label="...... [%s]"

You were right! I was thinking it is enough to define item as string and than just display text inside the sitemap.