OH3 - SOAP connection for Saxonian "Hochwasserinformations- und Managementsystem (HWIMS)"

hello together

I am trying to integrate the flood warning system of the state of Saxony into openhab, I have the free access and the interface description (see below), I could also use a local PHP server. But I just can’t get any further - I just don’t know anything about SOAP :slight_smile:

With the first idea, to go via HTTP binding, I can’t get any further, do you have a better idea?

Schnittstellenbeschreibung_Spurwertabfrage(1).pdf (608.1 KB)

Finally, I would like to implement an alarm that triggers upstream from a certain level. A nice to have is the display of the water levels in the graph. I just need a number that is updated every 15 minutes.

THANKS :slight_smile:

What is your preferred programming/scripting language ?
E.g. for python, perl, php there are SOAP client libraries available.
You need to build request structures like shown in the example to get back the responses like in the example.
I personally would use the exec binding or a cron entry which is triggered every 15 minutes.
The returned value then can be stored via REST API or in a file.

as far as I see, the HWIMS uses SOAP, which is a pain in the a$$ to use.
you could try to use something like here in that python:

not sure, if MOWAS also has those information, but I import the MOWAS emergency broadcasts like this with openHAB:

SOAP is a structured (schema based) approach towards web services. It was a major step forward compared to earlier RPC technologies in the past. Nowadays it feels a bit old and heavy, but it has a major advantage - its pretty well covered by webservice stacks.
My recommendation for you - look at Web Service Description Language (wsdl) file. It is an XML file which describes possible procedures to call, their inputs and outputs. With it you will be able to generate client code and embed in any solution you need.
As far I remember some parts of TR binding rely on SOAP as well.