OH3: Sonos Binding isn´t playing favorite radios or playlists


My goal is to play music automatically after my Sonos Play1 is turned on. To do this, I want Openhab to automatically play a radio station on the Sonos. I have saved this radio station in the Sonos app under “My Sonos”.
Then I installed the Sonos binding and linked the channel “favorite” with the item “Sonos Favorite”. Now when I try to play any channel or favorite with sitemap, the Sonos still remains mute.
If I click on the station in the Sonos app, it is played.
Where is my error?

Item Link:


Selection item=Sonos_Favorit label="Sonos Favoriten" mappings=["Chillstep 2021"="Chillstep 2021", "Stimmungsmacher"="Stimmungsmacher"]
Selection item=Sonos_Radio label="Sonos Radio" mappings=["Hit List"="Hit List","Hot Country"="Hot Country"]

You must not set mappings. The binding will build the available options for you with correct values.

Thank you! That was the trick! now it works with the binding-generated strings.