OH3 system startup trigger - no event object set?

  • Platform information:
    image: “openhab/openhab:3.4.1-alpine”

I am currently trying to add a telegram frontend to my OH3 instance to do very basic tasks.
For this I created an Item to persist config settings per chat (as json string) so that every user can have e.g. different periods on charts.

I write my code in the Web GUI. So to not spread my code across several rules, I wanted to have a rule that triggers on telegram messages and callbacks.
Now I wanted to initialize a this.chat_settings object from the persisted item on startup (to avoid recurring JSON en-/decoding) and added system startup level 50 as 3rd trigger.

Unfortunately the system startup does not provide an event with the event source name unlike I get with messages and callbacks. Is this intentional or was it just never thought of? I would appreciate a set event object and when its only for the sake of consistent behavior.

Now for the short term, is there a simple way in JS that I can identify within the rule that it was triggered by the startup event?

Thanks, Alex.