OH3 - The constructor Float(String) is deprecated

I have been spending a little over two weeks modifying OH 2.x code to OH 3.x code and I’m stuck with fixing these.

Got 3 of these warnings for the rules below - The constructor Float(String) is deprecated

var String results = executeCommandLine(Duration.ofSeconds(60), "/bin/bash", "/etc/openhab/scripts/ThreadCount.sh")	
var Number Numberresults = (Float::parseFloat(String::format("%s",results).replace(',','.')))

truncatedString = String::format("%.2f", Float.parseFloat(truncatedString))

var String Temp    = transform("JSONPATH", "$.['Realtime Currency Exchange Rate']['5. Exchange Rate']", results.toString())
Temp = String::format("%.2f", Float.parseFloat(Temp))

Any help would be appreciated.

Best, Jay

It’s a Java message, deprecated since Java 9
example usage of valueOf()

Found out that these where all correct statements NOT causing the deprecated warnings. These statements below are the culprit with the fixes in them.

                    var String[] results = speedtestCliOutput.split("\\r?\\n")
			        // var float ping = new java.lang.Float(results.get(0).split(" ").get(1))
			        // var float down = new java.lang.Float(results.get(1).split(" ").get(1))
			        // var float up   = new java.lang.Float(results.get(2).split(" ").get(1))
			        var float ping = Float.valueOf(results.get(0).split(" ").get(1))
			        var float down = Float.valueOf(results.get(1).split(" ").get(1))
			        var float up   = Float.valueOf(results.get(2).split(" ").get(1))

Best, Jay