OH3 UI Dimmer Increase/Decrease

Hi all,

just wondering if there is a best practice to send “Increase / Decrease” to a dimmer item with the new MainUI?

Tried to solve this with a stepper widget and could configure the widget like I wanted to

But the +/- buttons can’t send the commands accepted by the dimmer item.

Any ideas?

Thx Sebastian

Show the YAML for what you’ve configured so far.

openHAB Item type Dimmer will accept commands INCREASE , DECREASE

That doesn’t mean anything will happen though. It depends on the binding / real device combination. Even Autoupdate feature ignores these commands (because it cannot guess a likely outcome).

Sure. Sorry for not posting it already with the 1st post. I just defined a “Default List Item Widget” via the UI. But unfortunately there is no setting to configure the command being sent by the stepper. Maybe there is an option as YAML parameter.

value: oh-stepper-item
  small: true
  buttonsOnly: true
  subtitle: Beleuchtung
  icon: oh:qualityofservice
  raised: true
  fill: true
  title: RGB-LED DiscoSpeed

I know. Have this working in BasicUI for years. The binding (Milight) explicitly needs the INCREASE, DESCREASE commands. Issue is I have no idea how to configure the MainUI widget to do so.

You might have to setup a false switch item with commands INCREASE=+,DECREASE=- and then have this update the state of your dimmer with a rule.
Im not sure how the stepper works with dimmers. I just tried and all it did was increase or decrease the current number. Although the cool thing is now you can hold it down and it will adjust the state over and over again, with varying speeds too.

you could also write your own stepper widget.

There should be a show advanced check box. When checked do you see anything talking about Actions?

Unfortunately not. This is what I was looking for, but for the stepper widget there seems to be no option to change the action behavior… See screenshot (Advanced box is checked)

I’m not surprised. The stepper widget is about numerics. I think you want to be using the switch based two-button approach already suggested.